T-shirt Printing Price Guidlines

Prices below will be added to the cost of the shirt(s) (shirt prices coming soon). Dark garments that need a white under print will count as one color (white). Our regular timeline is 14 business days for production. You need to provide printable artwork in an EPS, PSD, PDF or AI file with outlined fonts. We can't guarantee the quality of jpegs or gifs, but you can send them for preview purposes. Just decide which type, color and quantity of t-shirts, then contact us below.
T-shirt Quantity 1-color 1 side2-colors 1 side3-colors 1 side4-colors 1 side
001-5 shirts$22 (1) siden/an/an/a
006-11 shirts$12 (1) siden/an/an/a
012-23 shirts$6 (1) side$8 (1) side$9 (1) side$10.50 (1) side
024-47 shirts$3 (1) side$4 (1) side$5 (1) side$7 (1) side
048-71 shirts$2.50 (1) side$3.50 (1) side$4 .50 (1) side$6 (1) side
072-97 shirts$2 (1) side$3 (1) side$4 (1) side$5 (1) side
098-143 shirts$1.50 (1) side$2.25 (1) side$3 (1) side$4 (1) side
144-299$1 (1) side$1.50 (1) side$1.75 (1) side$2 (1) side

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